An overview of the services we offer:

  • Design services
  • Installation
  • Countertops

Design Services

I'd be happy to help you design your cabinets. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's not. Hard or not, I won't start your cabinets until I'm satisfied that you know what you want AND I know what you want. 


Our shop will work hard to build the cabinets you need. We work hard to keep our customers happy. If they know they can get strong, beautiful cabinets for a fair price, they will pass the word on. And, we live on word of mouth advertising, so that works well for us. From estimate to installation, we want you to be satisfied, and to let others know where to get a fair and honest price for a quality built cabinet. Come right to our shop and see how we build our cabinets before you are obligated to buy somewhere else.


We have Todd Warndahl and Scotty available to get any project installed correctlly, and in a timely manner. They are well known in the Chisago Lakes area, so all you have to do is ask just about any of the local construction gurus and they will vouch for these two.


They're also excellent trimmers. If you want them to bid any cabinet installation, mine or not, or trim job, call me and I will give you their numbers.



Need more information?

We'd be happy to discuss our product offerings in greater detail with you. Please contact Don at 651-257-2617 or

We make plastic laminate and wood countertops at the shop. We do both wood and plastic edges. We also have granite-guys and silestone-guys and Cambria-guys. And tile-guys too.


And if I missed any of the thr countertop guys - count them in too, cause we probably know 'em. After 40 years of building cabinets, you know guys in just about every aspect of housing.